Inktober 2022

Intober 2022 #1 - Gargoyle (detail)

My goal this year was to beat last year’s output of 4 total drawings and as of the 18th I have completed 5. So anything from here on out is gravy.

I am posting in realtime on Instagram which should automatically propagate out to twitter, tumblr, and facebook so follow along as you will. 

Higher Res versions can be found in this Flickr album with Creative Commons licenses attached. Click the images below to go directly to the hi res versions on Flickr.

01 Gargoyle

Inktober 2022|01 Gargoyle

02 Scurry

Inktober 2022|02 Scurry

09 Nest

Inktober 2022|09 Nest

10 Crabby

Inktober 2022|10 Crabby

11 Eagle

Inktober 2022|11 Eagle

16 Fowl

Inktober 2022|16 Fowl

21 Bad Dog

Inktober 2022|21 Bad Dog

25 Tempting

Inktober 2022|25 Tempting