Erik Jagger - sketchbook self portrait

Below is a list of links to my presence on all the major social media platfroms. I have listed them more or less in order of activity as of March 2021 and noted my primary use of each. So, pick your poison.

  1. Instagram. Probably my most used platform. Like a lot of folks, I’m queasy about the Facebook connection, but the visual nature suits me and my work and so many people are on it, it seems self-defeating not to be there. Also, I hate how they don't let you link out from a post. Just stupid. A lot of folks use Linktree to get around that, which I'm not crazy about as a solution, for myself. Seems to work fine for the folks who use it. I'm dumping all my Instagram-related links on a page on this site for now. We'll see how that goes!
  2. Twitter. Love to hate it; hate to love it. This is where I am most scattershot and often veer into the political, so if left leaning politics are not your bag, might want to give me a pass on this one. But this is where I’m most likely to make any announcements, assuming I have anything to announce.
  3. Flickr. I go in and out with this one although in many ways it’s my favorite.
  4. TickTok. Just starting to figure this one out.
  5. Pinterest. I haven’t really figured out how to do this one. I actually use it a ton but mostly for inspiration and visual reference. 
  6. Facebook. What I said about Instagram times 10.
  7. YouTube. Haven’t put anything up in a long while, but hoping to do more in the coming months.
  8. Tumblr. Another neglected platform but I feel like it’s worth another look.
  9. LinkedIn. I do post here but mostly related to my day job as an Learning Experience Designer. This one is weird because I work at LinkedIn so I kind of want to keep it separate from my art practice and personal work. Feel free to follow me on LI but I only connect to folks with whom I have worked, whom I know personally, or who are reaching out for a specific purpose (ex. want to collaborate or are looking for advice etc.)